5 Unique & Creative S’Mores Recipes & Ideas

Traditional s’mores have always been everyone’s go-to favorite bonfire night snack and
camping activity, until now. Creative s’mores recipes, ideas, hacks, and unique,
personalized, s’mores boards are showing up on everyone’s social media posts,
in their backyards, and at bonfire parties.

At City Bonfires, it’s National S’mores Day every day. So, to celebrate, we gathered the best-of-the-best, unique s’mores recipes from our partners and fans so that you too can make these delicious s’mores creations and variations with the best mini portable fire pit around. All you need is your City Bonfires mini campfire, a few ingredients, and friends and family (if you’re willing to share 😉).


Also known as Campfire Cones

If you love ice cream cones and gooey, chocolate s’mores, you’re going to love this campfire cones recipe. Plus, what could be better than two of the best summer desserts wrapped into one?! This fun recipe is just one of the creative ways to use ice cream or waffle cones (or use up leftover ice cream cones) in chocolate dessert recipes. Feel free to mix it up by adding different ingredients, like flavored/infused chocolates or gourmet marshmallows.  

INGREDIENTS: Marshmallows, Chocolate, and Ice Cream Cones.


Tortilla Chip S’Mores

Hey chip lovers, you’re going to flip for this crispy and salty s’mores recipe from our partners at Que Pasa Foods. These are made with their Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips but, that’s not the only option. You can try out your own recipes with any of their organic, grain free or volcanic stone ground corn tortilla chips.

INGREDIENTS: Marshmallows, Chocolate (dark is used here), and Tortilla Chips.


Peanut Butter and Banana Toasted Coconut S’mores

Our friends at Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast offer their guests a s’mores board to enjoy on their wraparound porch or patio all year round. It includes a City Bonfires outdoor tabletop fire pit bowl and several different topping options, like bananas, peanut butter, and (yum!) toasted coconut.  

INGREDIENTS: Bananas, Peanut Butter (we like smooth), Toasted Coconut (toast your own on the stove or buy pre-packaged), Marshmallows, and Graham Crackers.


Bacon, Pear, Thai Basil, & French Brie S’mores

This savory s’mores recipe (from Voda Retreats) goes way beyond just adding bacon to a traditional s’more. With pears, Thai basil, and French brie, you’re likely to think you’ve traveled way beyond your backyard or patio bonfire pit party to a whole new culinary adventure and experience. Pack accordingly 😉.

INGREDIENTS: Bacon, Pear, Thai Basil, French Brie, & Seeded or Multi-Grain Water Crackers.


Grilling Cheese, Sea Salt & Almond Chocolate, & Thai Basil S’mores

This unique savory, sweet, and salty s’mores recipe (also from Voda Retreats) takes almond sea salt chocolate s’mores to the next level. Add grilling cheese and Thai basil and then sandwiched it all up between two crisp water crackers for the ultimate grilled cheese s’more.

INGREDIENTS: Grilling Cheese, Sea Salt & Almond Chocolate, Thai Basil, and Plain Water Crackers.

If you’re wondering “What Are the Best Cheeses for Grilling?,” Martha Stewart has some great options and advice, like Rougette Bon·fire cheese.

We hope you love all of these gourmet and dessert s’mores recipes with your family and friends just as much as we do!

With City Bonfires, you can start making s’mores in mere minutes without the hassle, time, and setup involved with traditional bonfires.

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