As you can imagine, Covid-19 has impacted many industries across the globe. Maryland natives, Chris McCasland, a sports and concert industry broker and restaurateur, and Michael Opalski, a senior restaurant industry salesman, both endured a loss of income during the pandemic. As the story goes, both were at home for long periods of time with their families (Chris' son Brooks is 4 and Mike's son Alex is 12 and daughter Anna is 9). While at home, Chris started teaching himself e-commerce and searching for cool product ideas. He came up with City Bonfires, a portable, reusable mini bonfire that you can take on all of your outdoor adventures. He enlisted the help of Mike who came up with the design of the product. A 4 inch by 2 inch round metal tin that is filled with non-toxic soy wax. Unlike other soy wax-based products, City Bonfires entire surface becomes the flame - creating a mobile heat source - a mini bonfire!

Thus, City Bonfires was born! Each City Bonfire is handmade in Maryland with American-made materials by two Dads whose jobs were impacted by Covid-19.

We believe that bonfire nights are the best nights. Gather around our City Bonfire and make memories! As Covid-19 has taught us, life is best spent making memories with our family and friends. So get outside, light up the starry sky and make lasting memories!

Meet Chris

Co-founder of City Bonfires! Chris is from Germantown, Maryland - in Montgomery County, outside of Washington, D.C. Prior to the pandemic, Chris was in the concert, sports and event ticket industry. He is a part-owner of Quincy's Bar & Grille in Rockville @quincyssouth and Potomac @quincyspotomac. He lives in Potomac with his wife and son, Brooks (5).

Here are a few things about Chris:
🔥 Dad Superpower? Grilling
🔥 What's Your Fav Family Activity? 🔥 Watching the @nationals
🔥 Parenting True Confession? It's ME who eats all the Goldfish


Meet Michael

Co-founder of City Bonfires! Michael is from Easton, Maryland - 🦀 on the Eastern Shore. He went to Clemson University and lives in Potomac, Maryland with his wife and two kids.

Here are a few fun things about Michael:
🔥 Dad superpower? “Keeping it fun!”
🔥 Fav Show to Binge Watch: Big Bang Theory
🔥 Fav Song for a Family Dance Party: @lizzobeeating Truth Hurts




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