Chicken and Peppers Stir Fry Recipe on a Camp Stove

By Carrie Walco-Bowman

@citybonfires Firing up another easy, healthy recipe, Chicken and Peppers Stir Fry, with our City Bonfires Camp Stove and Portable Fire Pit.. Perfect for date/family night or your next camping trip. #stepbystep thru bio link. #chickenrecipes #outdoors #cooking #tiktokrecipe #fyp #fireddads #byobonfire #foryourpage #chickentiktok ♬ original sound - City Bonfires

Watch as Mike makes his healthy and famous chicken and peppers stir fry recipe on our City Bonfires Portable Camp Stove / Stand Combo. It’s the perfect, easy recipe to serve to your partner in your backyard or take on your next camping trip.



- 3 Colored Bell Peppers (any color)

- 1 Medium Onion

- 2 Boneless Chicken Breasts (skinless or with skin on, as shown)

- Salt

- Pepper

- Cooking oil or spray



NOTE: 2 camp stoves and 2 City Bonfires are used in the video. However, you can also use one portable camp stove set up and cook the peppers/onion and chicken separately.


- 2 City Bonfires Portable Camp Stove/Stands

- 2 City Bonfires Portable Mini Fire Pits

- 2 Non-stick Pans (10 in.diameter pans will fit the camp stoves, and the ingredients)

- Spatula (heat resistant)



1.   Cut and dice all the peppers and onions into bite size pieces. (Check out the bell pepper cutting hack Mike uses to remove the root, stem, and seeds all at once.)

2.   Season the boneless chicken breasts with salt and pepper on each side.

3.   Cut chicken into bite size pieces.

4.   Set up your City Bonfires Camp Stoves and portable mini fire pits on a level, sturdy, heat resistant surface. Read all instructions and safety warnings before lighting. (NOTE: The tile table in the video is heat resistant. Not all tables are heat resistant. Be sure to check if your surface is heat/fire resistant.)

5.   Place your pans on the camp stoves and heat them up.

6.   Spray the pan with a little oil to prevent the ingredients from sticking.

7.   Sauteed the peppers and onions in one pan and the chicken in the other until both are heated through.

8.   Enjoy!


Let us know how you like this recipe! Our families just love it!


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