Roasted Mini Hot Dog Sliders Recipe with Charcutnuvo + City Bonfires

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Charcutnuvo to bring you a fun summer (or anytime) roasted mini hot dog recipe using City Bonfires portable fire pits. This Hot Dog Sliders recipe includes their Organic Mini Beef Franks on brioche rolls, plus all the classic fresh toppings you love.



  1. Assemble and light your City Bonfire Portable Fire Pit according to instructions included in the package. 
  1. Prep veggies by slicing the tomato and mini dill pickles and chopping the onions. Toast brioche rolls if desired.
  1. Add a Charcutnuvo Mini Uncured Beef Frank to a skewer and roast over your City Bonfires portable fire pit until heated through and browned.
  1. Assemble your hot dog with all desired toppings and enjoy!


Charcutnuvo makes handcrafted all-natural & organic sausage made with pure ingredients & conscientiously sourced meat. They aspire to create the best-tasting sausage to enjoy with your family and friends. Carefully crafted flavors, pure and simple ingredients, and conscientiously sourced HEALTHIER meats not only create better taste, but an honest indulgence that will change how you think about sausage.


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