City Bonfires Camp Stove/Stand Combo Review

Luke Lorick at Tailgating Challenge® (and the Creator of National Tailgating Day) recently reviewed our Portable Camp Stove/Stand Combo and City Bonfire, the original portable fire pit. Watch his YouTube video review to find out how to assemble it and use it two ways, as a trivet to protect surfaces and as a camp stove to use with pots and pans to cook on.

Here’s a few things that he said…

This stand is made from stainless steel and was able to be set up in about 10 seconds.

I set it up to cook an egg, and the pan temp was above 275 F in under 5 minutes. The egg cooked quickly and tasted like it was fresh off my stovetop. It was cold the night I cooked (under 25F), so this will perform even in cold temps.

Overall, this combo can give you one of the most portable grills/stoves we have ever seen! It overperformed regarding how quickly it cooked and the ability to protect surfaces when you're not cooking. It's a win!

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